Thursday, May 15, 2008

So I had a business trip to Seattle for three days and two nights. Well this was the first time in our entire marriage (7 months) that we would ever be spending the night apart!!! We were having a hard time with it. Andrew was so sweet and so cute. He kept telling me how he missed me and telling me sweet things like if I were just a state away he would drive up there just to spend the nights with me. And when I came home he had decorated the house with balloons, flowers, stuffed animal and a sign...see below...
I rode back on the smallest plane it was not even as wide as a school bus! It was a good trip but next time I am taking him with me!

We had to go do something with Brian & MeKayla before they moved to Georgia and took our cutie Nephew with them. We played mini golf. It was tons of fun. I kept getting really lucky shots and won!