Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Our Apartment

So many of our friends haven't been over to see our apartment even though it's almost been a year, so I am posting a video. It starts on the front porch with the porch swing that Andrew made for me for my wedding gift..the only room I don't show it the second bedroom/future nursery (some day) cause all of the contents of Andrew's car are in it until he gets a new engine. It ends in our back yard with a few of the park that starts where our yard ends..Enjoy

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Megan's Bridal Shower

Congratulations Megan!! We had a fun time getting Megan ready for her honeymoon!!!

It was fun to see people we haven'e seen for a little whie also...

Alicia , Shana, Anina, Jessica, Kayla, Stacey, Melissa Taylor, and Megan's friends Jackie, and three Co-workers and me all attended.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bear Lake 2008

So WE just got back from Bear Lake! I say WE in caps because all along Andrew has been saying that he couldn't go. So I got all packed up and ready to go when he decided at the last minute to come with me!!!
So we drove down and set up camp. As we got there my nephews and niece were just getting ready to go to the beach. They were just there for the day.

tSo then we went and palyed in water. We started out just playing frisbee on the beach but as the frisbee just keep blowing further and further into the lake we just keep following it until we were out in the deep.

We also brought along his porable DVD player so when were done being social around the fire we went to our tent and watched a movie. It was fun. Mosquitos were out in full forc this year though and they REALLY like Andrews blood. We got out of our tent and I saw some but none were biting me and I looked at Andrew and he had 10 on his back all at once! They would not leave him alone.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Karey & Shawn got married!!

So Karey & Shawn finally got married!! The day didn't start too great. Andrew had switched work so that he would have the morning an afternoon off to go to the ceremony and luncheon. So we wake up EARLY and head to Manti. Well on our way our car makes a popping noise and starts jerking like we got a blow out. I am thinking no prob we can change a tire in under 10 minutes. So Andrew gets out of the flat tire! we musy have popped a belt. So I am thinking what are the odds that someone else hasnt left yet and went the same way as us. So Andrew calls his brother in law to help him get a tow and I am freaking out cause we had a problem and missed he endowment too! Well about ten minutes later her brother pulls off the road and offers me a ride, The amazing thing is this is the brother from out if town who i just happen to meet the night before or he wouldnt have recognized me. I know all of her other siblings but they had already passed us. He said he drove by and he asks his wife isnt that Andrea. Well she HAS to be there, so even though they were running late they drove more than 10 miles to the next exit turned around and drove back and gave me a ride while Andrew took care of the car. That was so nice of them. The wedding was so beautiful. Karey & Shawn absolutely glowed and were full of tears. I was so happy I made it! Then Andrew met us at the luncheon. Then he had to go to work so I went to the reception.

Happy 4th of July!!

So we usually go to my parents to do fireworks and bbq but I had to work till 6 and my family was going out to my brothers in Saratoga Springs so we didn't have time to drive out there. Plus we wanted to be close by in case Karey & Shawn needed help setting up for their reception the next day. So when I got home Andrew bbq'd us some really good steaks....
And we cut up some watermelon, had some chips and root beer floats! Looks yummy huh?
Then we went and helped them set up for their reception. And then we went over to his parents house (cause they were out of town, so no one was there). And we did our own fireworks. So it was just us but its was tons o fun!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Since my birthday was on Sunday we couldn't do

tons. So we both had tuesday off so we decided
to go Seven Peaks!! Its was a lot of fun and
a great way to beat the 100 degrees! We thought
about going to Lagoon like I usually do but I
had too much going on later that night. I had to get my hair done for Shawn & Kareys wedding Saturday and I had a baby shower for Becca andI didn't want to miss that cause I haven't seen some of them for a few years!